Gino Molisano - Scultore di opere in marmo,marmo nero del Belgio,pietra serena,basalto,bronzo,legno -

Atlas, a gift to the city of Livorno

of Filippo Rolla.

The authentic passion to carve scares the hard work and when handbook is accompanied from the love of making does not know timetable, the timetable to which we all are wrapped and been involved. The artist Gino Molisano with this concept loaded with tension describes itself and I of catch a glimpse one free spirit who disvela in its words. It is one scultore that goes beyond scandire of the clock in order to savour that what is the Sculpture to the day today; a question that finds an answer in its scultorea art that describes and designs one reflection-message for the future. The art, as it emphasizes me, must leave a testimony, a memory that can defy a thought synthesis of the age and the time of our particular existence. The testimony of Gino Molisano is born from its inner creativity that it means to search in the time the sense of the art like shape of acquaintance for the spiritual evolution of the man. In fact the man from always is fascinated and at the same time he has fear of the ignoto, and the ignoto of which he has more fear is just if same, its to put itself in argument, an argument that regards himself and the surrounding world, a world that daily asks addition for who the six, of that what you make, of the famous one because you make it? Answers to which the word or the speeches difficultly they succeed to explain concretely, while the sculpture of Gino Molisano from the title it Atlas, realized on the reef, best to perhaps say carved and been born from the reef of Calafuria, succeeds to express through the imaginary force of the visual one. A such force that leaves the visitor esterrefatto, imprisoned in the evocativa vision of our existence. Molisano in its Atlas interlaces mythology with the contemporaneità: two complementary faces of the existence. A condemned universal existence from its pride of conquering Titano that participated to the onslaught of the Sky and was condemned for the eternity to carry on the shoulders the celestial time, while an other rappresentazione of its sentence sees it to support the Earth. These iconography is perceived from the scultore like if the contemporary man had to support if same in the net of the total village in order not to be hidden from the image. Atlas, an artistic answer of the scultore Gino Molisano to if same that ago grazes and to vibrate the spiritual zone, a universal existence outside from the time that lodges in everyone of we.

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The statue in the cliff
Atlante-La statua nella roccia
And from cliff dulls one statue
Atlante-Dalle rocce spunta una statua
Atlante loses one leg
Atlante perde una gamba
The statue on TV
That gigantic Atlas makes to discuss
Atlas and Gino Molisano

Atlas, a protecting God .
of Pietro Conti

Not there is trace of olympic punishment neither of the prank that Eracle manifactured to it, in the Atlas that Gino Molisano has carved in the scoglio of Calafuria to south of Livorno. A Ginn, a great and strong protecting Ginn said rather that aimed calm the prospiciente sea, therefore beautiful like solo the sea, that sea knows is it. E' a figure that not support, but is born directly from a fusion with that it encircles it: a game is settled down therefore between that Gino has meant gives to us and the sun that with it it uses light discovers to the hidden meshes of the cliff, designing that body in a life breath. The ancient alliance with Cronos has been recovered: it will be interesting to observe between six months or a year how much the two subjects will have been amalgamated modeling itself in front of the sea

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