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Gino Molisano e' of sannita origin. It lives and it creates its works to Livorno. Self-taught, has attended for some years l'Accademia of BelleArti Trossi Uberti of Livorno then the study of the scultore Giulio Guiggi and l'Accademia of Fine Arts of Carrara to the course of the school of the knot. Its production e' composed from works in marble, serene stone, basalt, wood, bronze and black marble of Belgium. Between the working techniques it preprefers l'intaglio directed in the stone and of the wood.

Gino Molisano e' essentially a figurative one, is in sense classic that in conceptual key: such manifest formulation in the creation of geometric figures also but that they hold account of the centralita' dell'uomo nell'universo. The thread conductor of its inspiration e' the inborn violence nell'animo dell'uomo, to which it tries to oppose the good, with insufficient turns out to you.

The sculptures of the last years in black marble of Belgium want to indicate l'unica possible road that he puo' to cover, that spiritual, all in climb, therefore long and laborious but that the door towards God, than Molisano it represents with a monoargument of polished black marble to mirror in which c'e' one perron towards the sky.

Molisano is associate to Association Cultural Modigliani of Scandicci (Florence) and associate dell'Asart of Pietrasanta (Lucca).

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