Gino Molisano - Scultore professionista -

Gino Molisano has the study to Livorno and has assisted to L'Accademia Trossi Uberti, the study on the scultore Giulio Guiggi and the school of the dell'Accademia of the node of Carrara. The relative one is of production composed of systems in marble, stone of the serene ones, wood and bronze and from determines years that black one to you of Belgium. Question on the need of love meant like the universal sensibility from contrapporre to violent dell'essere of the human nature and the presence of the conscience that only the spiritosa search towards l'un can supreme in order to conserve it. Molisano begins to expose the half of years eighty. And the 'si introduces in collective to Paris and nell'estensione of the marble in Holland. It has judged personal to Carrara, Tuscanica, Lucca, M. di Rosignano, Fiumalbo. Critical parts we of Giuliana Matthieu, Mario Michelucci, Dino Paschal, bordering of Cinzia.
The artist said: "To carve the stone is for me like having a amplesso. The intimate relationship that are settled down between me and it power of attorney an immense one appeal to indescrivibile to me. My psiche are felt satisfied and my spirit balances light like the flight of a bird making to feel me finally free".

Atlas, a gift to the città of Livorno:

Carved directly in the cliff (sandstone) of the reef of Calafuria, in localita' Romito, to Livorno, Atlas e' a statue of two meters and means that represent the famous mitologico giant, son of Giove and Climene, and that it emerges with vigorous scioltezza from the scogli to strapiombo on the sea. Begun in January 2003, Atlas has demanded to the scultore from the 5 to the 7 hours to the day of job with all relative difficulties to carving l'arenaria, material that stretches to crumble itself with extreme facility. But the final result has gone very beyond the expectations of the same artist. L'opera e' be inaugurated 4 saturdays October 2003. For those who they wish to visit it, the statue is found on the livornese coast, all'altezza of the premises "Precisamente to Calafuria" in via of the Littorale, the fattispecie under the parking.

ASART-Artisti Scultori Associati -
Gino Molisano is associate ASART (Scultori Artists Associates)

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